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Innovative AI & ML Solutions - OVERVIEW

Use of Ai has increased drastically in the last decade and has been infused into our daily lives. Code7Labs strives to provide customers with the most advanced Ai Services and Solutions to maximize your potential, smartly. We, with our extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience provide the Best Ai Solutions for personal and commercial use that includes NLP Chatbots, Ai Recommendation Systems, Decision Trees, ML Algorithms, Data Visualization, Object recognition, Neural Networks Development, Analytics and Modelling, Business Automation and much more. Our experienced Ai Engineers ensure to develop a customized and very efficient Ai Solution for you.

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AI Algorithms
Custom AI & ML Projects

Customized AI & ML Projects

Code7Labs has successfully served many industries and organizations with tailor-made AI & Ml Projects using the best algorithms and latest technology including Python and RLang. Some of our Projects we have done are listed below

  • Healthcare - Illness Detection
  • Video Analytics - CCTV video analytics tool
  • Advertisements - Personalized ads based on facial expressions
  • Ai Chatbot for E-Commerce Stores
  • Smart Recommendation Systems for Website
  • Financial Data Visualization
  • Sales & Marketing: Trend Prediction & Path Detection
  • Consumer software - Cursor controlled Pose estimation for exercises
  • Automated Animation Creator
  • Gaming: 3D Imaging & VR
  • The list of Our AI & ML Projects goes on and on.

Our Expertise In Ai & Ml Algorithms

Image Filtering • Edge detection • Smoothing & Transformations • Classification • Object Detection • Segmentation • Object Tracking • Keypoint Detection • Neural Network • Deep Learning • CNN • RCNN • RNN • GANs • YOLOv5 • Machine Learning • Deep Learning • Neural Networks • Supervised Learning • Reinforcement Learning • Decision Trees • Anomaly Detection • Linear Regression • Classification Models • Sentimental Analysis

• OpenCV • NumPy • NumPy • Tensorflow • OpenVINO • ImageJ • MATLAB • MatplotLib • Keras • Scikit Learn • Colab • Jupyter Notebook
• Machine Learning • Deep Learning • Neural Networks • Supervised Learning • Unsupervised Learning • Decision Trees • Linear Regression • Bayesian Statistics • Classification • Sentimental Analysis • Anomaly Detection
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