5 Must Have Skills As An Android Developer

5 Must Have Skills As An Android Developer

Web-Development Skills

An Android Developer’s primary task is to create applications for Android-based devices. Furthermore, an Android Developer must pay close attention to the app’s compatibility with various Android versions and device types. The job of an android developer requires a high level of competence and technical knowledge. To create Android Apps , they must be knowledgeable in selecting the appropriate Programming Languages and Frameworks that meets the requirements of the Client. In this article, various skills that are essential to begin a career as an android developer are discussed:

Java and Kotlin expertise:

The first skill as an Android Developer is a thorough understanding of at least one of the two official languages for Android Development . You must be familiar with the Kotlin and Java programming languages. JAVA was the Official Language used for Android Development until 2019. Now, Kotlin is the Official Programming Language used for Android Development. Howevery, you can alos use other Programming Languages like Python, C# and C++.

Learning Android SDK:

The term SDK refers to a software development kit. The Android SDKs are Java Code Modules that allow developers to access mobile device features such as the camera and accelerometer. Gradle is a library that is an important part of the Android SDK. New android developers will spend a significant amount of time learning how to piece together the various SDKs for Android in various ways to create Mobile Applications.

Experience with SQL and MySQL:

SQL knowledge is another vital ability for an android developer. Almost every Android app must store data in some way, whether it is app-specific or user-specific. As a result, your app should be linked to a database so that you can handle the information.

Extensible Markup Language (XML):

A markup language that is commonly used in the building of web applications. However, because XML is used to access web data, it is also an important technology for Android App development. XML is a must-have ability to master because many Android apps require data to be transferred to web services and vice versa.

Knowledge of Android Studio or Other IDEs:

Android Studio is the preferred integrated development environment (IDE) for Android developers. Android Studio is based on the popular IntelliJ IDE and includes excellent out-of-the-box support for several of the most popular Android SDKs.

In addition to these technical abilities, an Android Developer must be a team player capable of collaborating with many departments to produce the greatest Android app possible. When it comes to technology, android developers must also be up to date. An Android Developer must keep up with the current mobile trends to develop the finest apps.


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